Fortnite and Avengers collaboration – rumors

The film “Avengers: Final” is already released in late April, namely on the 24th and the creative director of Fortnight (Donald Mustard) is already starting to cast a fishing rod on his twitter. On April 13, he posted a photo of Robert Downey Jr. and signed: “You look good, Robert. See you soon!”

Considering that last year, when the movie “Infinity War” was released, a new item “The Glove of Infinity” was added to the game – the fans immediately suggested that this year we will have a similar event. In addition, Donald Mustard is known for his love of teasing players with hints of innovation.

The community was divided into 2 opinions: some believe that we will get a new skin, which is likely to be an iron man, others believe that an event will appear in the game that will be directly related to the new film. We, in turn, think that the old event will return and the skin for the film will appear. We will know everything very soon.

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